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Welcome to the Relaunch of the GDIAC Website

The GDIAC website has been a bit inactive for the past year, but it has not been because of a lack of activity. The school of Computing and Information Science (CIS) has seen a lot of changes since GDIAC was first founded. The former Information Science program has become an official department with its own major and minors. In addition, CIS has been a major participant in the new NYC Tech campus.

GDIAC has been adapting to a lot of these changes as they take place. There have been significant changes in the game design minor, including a major renumbering of the core game design courses. This reorgnization allows students to use the game design courses to satisfy other graduation requirements beyond the game design minor, giving students more options and flexibility.

With the newly renumbered courses being offered this spring semester, we are relaunching the GDIAC website to reflect the changes. Take a look around and see what we are up to.

Date Posted: Jan. 15, 2013 | Permalink

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