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Affiliated Courses

In addition to the core game design courses, Cornell offers many courses that are extremely useful to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the game industry. Here is a selection of some of the current offerings.

Computer Science

As the primary sponsor of GDIAC, the Cornell computer science department offers a wide variety of courses for students interested in software development for computer games. The Cornell program in computer graphics is highly regarded by academia and industry alike. In addition, several faculty members pursue research in online gaming. The following is a list of the higher level courses offered by the department that are most relevant to game development.

Information Science

Information science is another important department for our program. Many of the most talented designers in the program chose information science as their primary major. The Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) group at Cornell is highly regarded. Even the "pure CS" students in the game design program typically take the HCI courses in the information science department. The principles taught in these courses have a wide variety of applications, beyond gaming.


The school of Art, Architecture, and Planning offers several courses in digital art and interactive digital media. These courses are offered through both the art and the architecture departments. Below is a list of the most popular offerings.


The music department has a strong digital music program which includes everything from basic audio design to music composition and scoring. Below is a list of several of the more popular offerings for game design students.

Other Departments

There are several other departments on campus that teach game-related courses, or incorporate game design as a part of their course. These courses are typically offered on a less regular basis, and so we recommend that you check the course catalogue for the latest offerings. Here is a just a partial list of current offerings.