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Irrational Hover Assault

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Colin Reuter
Colin Campbell
Mike Schmidt
Tom Chao
Justin Pease
Orlando Carpio

Irrational Hover Assault is a multiplayer strategy game where players build hover tanks and pit them against one another. But your money is fixed, and you can't just mine more gold or make more peasants, so the most basic strategy of every other RTS you have played goes out the window. Spend wisely, adapt quickly, and think better than your opponent, because this only sounds easy.

Genre: Strategy Course: CS 490
Platform: Windows Engine: Custom
Rating: Ages 9+ Submitted: Dec. 2004 Download
Popularity: 4.0 out of 5 Last Tested: Apr. 2014


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This is an older multiplayer game that supports LAN-only play. It cannot be played on the general Internet.

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