GameX Demos

Windows executables are included with each demo, along with source code and a Visual Studio .NET solution and project. GameX need not be installed to play the demos.


Current demos

Ship Demo (Release 5.0.7)


Download: (239 KB)

Description: The GameX ship game! Demonstrates image drawing, rotation and scaling, sound effects, background drawing from an image, and simple mathematics for physics.

CamDemo (
Release 5.0.4)


Download: (91 KB)

3D Camera demo. Demonstrates use of the GameX camera, transparent rendering and drawing 3D lines.


MissileDemo (Release 5.0.4)



Download: (125 KB)

Missile demo. Similar to Missile Command, demonstrates mouse input, transparent images, rendering multiple objects, color shading, and blending options.

    ParticleDemo (Release 5.0.4)


Download: (117 KB)

Description: Particle system demo. Demonstrates 3D textured polygons, blending options, transparent 3D rendering, simple particle system behavior.

    MapDemo (Release 5.0.4)


Download: (124 KB)

Description: Tiled map demo. Illustrates loading and saving maps from file, as well as a simple map editor and basic 2D or 3D tile-based graphics.

    PuzzleDemo (Release 5.0.4)


Download: (325 KB)

Description: Sample falling-puzzle-game demo. Shows how to draw text effectively from an alphabet image (feel free to borrow the text code for your own GameX games). Also shows how to combine graphics, sounds, and music into a very basic puzzle game.

    ShipEscapeDemo (Release 5.0.4)


Download: (201 KB)

Description: A "game" where you dodge fireballs in a ship escaping upward through checkpoint rings. Demonstrates how to make use of many features of GameX in basic and not-so-basic ways. Graphically, shows how to display embossed text, dynamic circular life meters, fireballs, star fields, and jet trails.


Previous demos

Ship Demo (Release 4.1)


Download: (1.00 MB)

Description: Earlier version of the GameX Ship Demo! Demonstrates software-only rendering and sound support.

Cam Demo (Release 4.1)



Download: (118 KB)

Description: 3D Camera demo. Demonstrates use of the GameX camera features and depth sorting.

    NetDemo (Release 4.1)

      Download here: (57 KB)

Description: Demonstrates networking via UDP. Used as a homework assignment for the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University, this client-server network engine may eventually be incorporated into the GameX core. (* See new ShipNetDemo below *)
CirclesDemo (Release 2)

      Download here: (102 KB)

Description: Used as a homework assignment for the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University. Demonstrates 2D drawing of multiple images. Assignment is to implement one of several types of collision detection.

      Download here: (3.77 MB)

Description: The GameX ship demo, this time with multiple players networked! The ShipNetDemo is a prototype for future versions of GameX. It uses a UDP client-serve networking engine, supports automatic server detection and up to 16 players on a LAN. Rendering done with OpenGL, which will also be incorporated into future versions of GameX. Also demonstrates fading sound effects and alpha-blended particles systems with elastic reflections. Source code is included.