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MacOS Support

Because these games are Beta releases, the MacOS versions of these games from “Unidentified Developers”. This is okay, but the MacOS security manager will try to prevent you from launching these applications. It believes that these games are malware. We promise that this is not true! But it does mean that MacOS users need to go through a few steps the first time they launch one of these games.

The first time you double click on a game, you will see a warning that this app is made by an unidenfied developer, like this:

First Try

This is okay, and to be expected. Now, right click on the application and choose the option Open. When you do that, you should see a slightly different version of that dialog box.

Second Try

From this point on you can launch the game normally by double-clicking on it.

If the Application Crashes

We have run all of the games in this Showcase and verified that they work on modern computers.

In a few rare cases (noted on the appropriate game page), doing this may cause the game to crash. You many see an error message that contains the text OIS:Exception CocoaInputManager::_parseConfigSettings, like the one below (click on the image to see the full error).


This is a known problem and there was a way to prevent it, but not all groups accounted for this bug. Fortunately, it will only happen once. It happens when you right click on the application. Just double-click on the application (opening it a third time) and the game will open.