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Games Showcase

The GDIAC Games Showcase is held annually at the end of the school year during finals week. This showcase consists of student games made for CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152 and independent study projects. The showcase is always open the public.

The showcase is not just an exhibit; it also serves as the final exams for the students involved. Vistors are encouraged to actively play the games, and audience reaction is a factor in the student's final grades. An award ceremony at the end recognizes both the most popular, and the most innovative, games made that year.

After the showcase many (but not all) of the games are made available in the gallery.

2019 Games Showcase

This year's games showcase will be held in Carpenter Hall (the former Engineering Library) on Friday, May 17 from 4-7pm. The showcase will conclude with award ceremony at 6:45pm. Vistors should enter Carpenter Hall from the Campus Road entrance; there will be signs giving directions to the various games.

The participating games are still being finalized. Come back closer to the date to see what games will be there.

The following is a partial list of the games currently registered to be at Showcase.

[Atrium Entrance] [First Floor] [Second Floor]

Game Description Course
Amaris: Realm of Dreams With abilities granted from magical fountains, guide Amaris through her dream world to collect moon shards to restore the broken moon without waking her up. 3152
Clerical Error Escape the corporate building of Hell, Inc. as Cid, a living human mistakenly sent to the underworld and imbued with the power to separate body and soul. 3152
Chrominance In a digital world where you control the colorscape and outsmart enemies sent to destroy you, play as Gestalt and escape to the free web. 3152
Flourish In this turn-based strategy game you take on the role of a plant, attempting to grow in an environment with a scarcity of resources and a plethora of competition. 3152
Kamachi Help Kamachi, a baby city-turtle, complete its journey to the ocean by cultivating a city atop its back while traversing through mysterious, folk-tale-esque landscapes 3152
Loxodonta Elephant L427 needs your help to escape the research facility. Dash into enemies with her hoverboard, avoid treacherous environmental challenges, and locate keys scattered throughout the facility in this fast paced, dungeon crawler.  3152
Prism Break After years of imprisonment, work with Prism mates to swap colors, overcome obstacles, and lead the Rainbow Revolution. 3152
Roasted! Marsh is on a mission to rescue all the mallows before they turn into s’mores in this action platformer. 3152
Starstruck Tethered by a rope, Nova and David travel from planet to planet, collecting stars to fill the empty galaxy they call home with constellations. 3152
Tower Offense Play as a sentient, power-hungry tower hell-bent on destroying the humans who wronged it. 3152
Undetected Get in, secure the microchip, and get out, help Keith infiltrate the facility guarding the microchip and escape the compound Undetected. 3152
YoyoBoy After falling down into an abandoned industrial building, a young boy armed with only a yo-yo must navigate his way up to escape. 3152
AntAgonist Control your army of ants to take over the garden before your opponent does. 4152
Dive Descend into the depths with this inverted puzzle platformer. 4152
Cluck Cluck Moose Select your chickens and stack them up on moose antlers to do battle in this light-hearted but tactical game. 4152
Family Style Create recipes by frantically passing ingredients in the mutliplayer cooperative game. 4152
Pig Life Crisis Split, join, and rotate your formation of cheerleaders to get them into position for your demanding porcine coach. 4152
Stelliform Draw complex shapes to cast spells and overcome your foes in this game the combines card-based tactics with reaction time challenges. 4152
Stranger Seas Coordinate a squad of pirate ships with simple gestures in this real-time strategy game. 4152
Weather Defender Control the clouds and rain to keep your crops alive in this resource management game. 4152
Delivery Ghost A town is full of people who need some items. To help them, you must investigate and figure out what they are saying in this experimental game for learning Mandarin. Research