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New Game Design Course this Fall

Erik Andersen will be offering a new game design course this fall, titled CS 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design. Students in class will design a game in Flash and distribute the game online. The purpose of the class is to collect and analyze player data, and use that to improve the quality of the game.

This course is based on a similar one offered at the University of Washington several years ago. The popular Flash game Hello Worlds was one of the games developed in that course.

There is currently no cross-list for information science; we are not going to be able to get approval for cross-listing in time for the semester start. Therefore, artists and designers are permitted to take the computer science course even if they do not program. Students wanting to use this course for design credit should contact the GDIAC director about submitting a petition.

We will make an announcement about how this course fits into the Game Design Minor later in the fall.

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GDIAC Welcomes Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen is a new faculty member coming to Cornell this fall. A student of Zoran Popović at the University of Washington, Erik works with games and learning. As a new faculty member in computer science, Erik will join GDIAC and offer brand new game design courses. Watch this site for course announcements.

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2014 Showcase Winners

Congratulations to our Showcase Winners.

Audience Choice:

  • Intro Division: Black Friday
  • Mobile Division: Flick Ship Spaceship

Most Polished Game:

  • Intro Division: Dash
  • Mobile Division: Beam

Most Innovative Game:

  • Intro Division: Ribbons
  • Mobile Division: Over the Artic Hills

The quality of games this year was truly outstanding. It was very difficult for the judges to pick winners this year. In fact, with the newly relaunched gallery, many of this years games are rated some of the highest. We hope to raise the bar even higher next year.

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List of Showcase Exhibitors

The Showcase page now has a list of the games exhibiting this year at the Showcase. Some of the students have made videos, which we hope to post before Saturday's showcase.

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2014 GDIAC Showcase

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, the GDIAC showcase returns, showcasing student game projects from the past year. The games courses continue to grow, and once again we have a record number of projects in both CS/INFO 3152 and CS/INFO 4152. This is been a particularly active year for mobile and smartphone games, as we have eight different projects this year.

The showcase is open to the general public, so that everyone can play and experience these projects. In addition, the public is welcome to vote for the favorite in the award ceremony at the end. Come join us and make this our best Showcase yet.

Date/Time: Friday, May 16th from 4 - 7 pm
Venue: ACCEL Labs in Carpenter Hall

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