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Games Showcase

The GDIAC Games Showcase is held annually at the end of the school year during finals week. This showcase consists of student games made for CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152 and independent study projects. The showcase is always open the public.

The showcase is not just an exhibit; it also serves as the final exams for the students involved. Vistors are encouraged to actively play the games, and audience reaction is a factor in the student's final grades. An award ceremony at the end recognizes both the most popular, and the most innovative, games made that year.

After the showcase many (but not all) of the games are made available in the gallery.

2016 Games Showcase

This year's games showcase will be held in Carpenter Hall (the former Engineering Library) on Friday, May 20 from 4-7pm. The showcase will conclude with award ceremony at 6:45pm. Vistors should enter Carpenter Hall from the Campus Road entrance; there will be signs giving directions to the various games.

The following is a partial list of the games currently registered to be at Showcase.

[Atrium Entrance] [First Floor] [Second Floor]

Game Description Course
Aiden Lead the fire spirit Aiden to the safety of the fireplace in this playful, yet fast-paced game. 3152
Brought To Light Explore the intersection of light and dark in this combination of a thriller and a puzzle game. 3152
Deserted Use strategic planning and calculated risk to reign victorious in this fantasy turn-based tactics game. 3152
Downstream Guide Current the koi fish as she evades dangerous obstacles and ignites lotus flowers to light the path on the search for her lost friend. 3152
Division 12 Extract the magic fluid to expand your empire of pipes and build towers to fight off the crawling creatures of the depths. 3152
Fara Heim Guide Aron and the two force spirits, Yta and Draga, in this puzzle platformer set in a mystical temple ruin. 3152
Mount Sputnik Reach the depths of space while dodging obstacles and managing your energy in this ragdoll rock climber. 3152
RobotoControl Help Spud traverse through different lands and collect pieces of his best friend, Iris, after she was taken apart by scientists. 3152
Sandglass Help a young girl escaping from a mysterious island in this action puzzle platformer game 3152
Shoal Storm Control a school of fish as it makes its way to safety through the coral reef. Sometimes you may have sacrifice the few for the good of the many. 3152
Sync Guide the lonely half note Minim through a world of music by syncing in time with rhythmic obstacles. 3152
Teddington Help Teddy collect all forgotten memories in Teddington by placing items and building a path to solve each level. 3152
Aphelion Manipulate an astronaut's path through space to solve complex puzzles, avoid obstacles, and unlock clues to his identity. 4152
Breeze Use your power to create winds and safely carry newborn faeries to their home. 4152
Dragon's Breadth Play as a fearsome dragon in a fantasy setting, using both strategy and strength to conquer villages and castles throughout the land. 4152
G.M.P. With an evil blender hot in pursuit, guide papa pineapple, William B. Blended, to hop, leap, shrink, and grow to keep his pineapplets from becoming piƱa colittles. 4152
Inari As the guardian deity of a mountain shrine, Inari must recover shards of lost light scattered by an Ancient Evil and restore harmony to the land. 4152
Para Follow the journey of a paper airplane and use wind to guide it through this daring adventure. 4152
Shade Shade is a lost shadow, desperately trying to return to the safety of his caster while avoiding the dangerous sun. Fortunately, objects in his environment cast shadows that he can hide in for protection. 3152
Squeak & Swipe Guide the clever rat Squeak through labyrinthine architecture, where floors can be swiped to reveal new paths, and help Squeak ascend the Cheese Shop tower to collect cheese for the rest of the rat colony. 4152
Toya Rotate the world and use the power of gravity to save a little girl's teddy bear. 4152
Final Flare With the future on the brink of destruction, an alpha squad has been assembled to journey into the past with guns blazing on a quest to blow up the baddies. 4154
Crystallize VR Learn Japanese in virtual reality through an immersive 3D language learning game. Ind. Study
Infinite Dream Loop Explore a dream world in this text-based adventure game Ind. Study
Learning to Program Learn introductory programming concepts through concreteness fading in this puzzle game. Ind. Study
Wind Warriors In Ancient Athens, Greek gods appearing as clouds control the fate of a warship on course to change history. Ind. Study