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Games Showcase

The GDIAC Games Showcase is held annually at the end of the school year during finals week. This showcase consists of student games made for CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152 and independent study projects. The showcase is always open the public.

The showcase is not just an exhibit; it also serves as the final exams for the students involved. Vistors are encouraged to actively play the games, and audience reaction is a factor in the student's final grades. An award ceremony at the end recognizes both the most popular, and the most innovative, games made that year.

After the showcase many (but not all) of the games are made available in the gallery.

2018 Games Showcase

This year's games showcase will be held in Carpenter Hall (the former Engineering Library) on Friday, May 18 from 4-7pm. The showcase will conclude with award ceremony at 6:45pm. Vistors should enter Carpenter Hall from the Campus Road entrance; there will be signs giving directions to the various games.

The participating games are still being finalized. Come back closer to the date to see what games will be there.

The following is a partial list of the games currently registered to be at Showcase.

[Atrium Entrance] [First Floor] [Second Floor]

Game Description Course
City of Light Work your way through this imaginative puzzle game as Annette, a fearless mime artist tasked with saving the streets of Paris from mythological creatures.  3152
Colormari Get read for action int this top-down, arcade-style shoot-em up set in an aquatic kingdom full of ninjas and gangsters. 3152
Embarkment Collect golden leaves, build turrets, and defeat spawners to rid a forest of its vile corruption in this two-stick tower defense shooter. 3152
Fire Escape Help failed superhuman experiment Project: TITUS escape an abandoned laboratory, while using his ability to light himself on fire, in this puzzle platformer. 3152
Gusto Escape the underworld in this puzzle platformer by using the power of possession to gain the special abilities of the creatures that lurk there. 3152
Headspin Help a young girl named Adelaide find her lost cat and escape a mysterious funhouse by shifting gravity and maneuvering through deadly obstacles. 3152
Home Away from Gnome Play as suburban mom Helen Anderson as she drives across the country with her two children, Ned and Nosh, on a journey to escape suburbia. 3152
Janiterror Take the role of Joe, the janitor of an evil research lab, who must fight his way out after a power surge unleashes an army of experiments gone wrong. 3152
Lost Time Control the passage of time in this dungeon-crawling bullet hell game. 3152
OutOf Sync After shattering the fabric of space and time, you must collect the shards to close the rifts and restore balance to the world. 3152
Sprout Control Sprouty, a lonely alien navigating through a hostile world, as it tries to gather its ship pieces and fly home. 3152
Trino Control a plush dinosaur named Duggi, who must transform into different forms to avoid enemies, solve puzzles, and find a way to escape the maze. 3152
Arcane Tectonics Help Mika defeat her enemies, save her friends, and put the dream realm back together in a strategic and puzzle-happy adventure. 4152
Beat Boss Guide Hertzcules, the greatest hero of all heroes, on his odyssey to restore music. With only the beat to guide you, defeat Hades and all that stand in your path. 4152
Chaos Castle Enter the castle with up to five friends to defeat evil skeletons and other spooky monsters in this time-management defense game. 4152
Coalide As the sole survivor of her tribe of coal people, Nicoal needs your help to push her way through the hazards dwelling in the forest in this top-down adventure. 4152
Discarded Harness the power of cards to guide Wren through a treacherous tower filled with dangerous monsters in wandering corridors. 4152
Snea the Serpent There's plenty of fish in the sea, and Snea wants to eat them all! Play as a small sea snake exploring the ocean as you eat fish to grow larger. 4152
The Third Law Play as Newton, a robot cast out to the dystopian sections of the universe, and help him to escape by shooting hostile enemies, navigating the environment around him, and finding his way home. 4152
Kirigami Slice and rearrange your environment in this innovative puzzle platformer. 4154
Laser Penguins Frag your way through this light-hearted multiplayer shooter. Ind. Study
J-Walk Learn Japanese vocabulary by exploring what's around you in this mobile game that leverages where you are right now. Research
Katchi Learn Korean in this accessible matching game. Research
Reduct Experience a new approach to teaching programming language semantics to complete novices, especially children, by gamifying the avtual evaluation steps involved in executing code. Research
Lost in Translation ver been lost at an airport in a foreign country? Learn Japanese characters and words in order to find a way from the airport to Tokyo in this language learning game. Research